Tinnitus, Anger, Blame, and Fear: Wrestling with Challenging But Normal Feelings

It is very common for a person who experiences tinnitus (hyperacusis) to react to this very unpleasant sensation with feelings of Anger, Blame, and Fear. While these feelings can be intense and feel destructive they are also very normal reactions to feeling that something has been taken away, before we are ready to let go. In the case of tinnitus, what is often experienced as being taken away, is silence. Perhaps you feel anger that you had never been warned of the dangers of exposure to loud and persistent noise over time in the work place, perhaps you blame yourself, perhaps you are angry at our medical system for not having yet found a cure, maybe you are fearful of what life may be like in the future should the tinnitus not go away.

While these feelings can be very intense and uncomfortable, if they are there for you, try to allow them be there. Challenge yourself to acknowledge them with curiosity, openness, acceptance and compassion for yourself. It is important to address them in order to diffuse their intensity. This is especially the case if we feel that something or someone had a direct hand in causing the tinnitus discomfort.

While practicing, if any of these normal (but often uncomfortable) feelings come up, simply acknowledge that they are there in this particular moment. Start to notice where in your body you might be experiencing these feelings. For example, anger can feel like a lump or pressure in the throat. Fear can often be felt deep within the chest. Wherever the feeling arises for you, just notice it. No need to try to change the feeling or make efforts to push it away. Challenge yourself to just be there with it. Observe it without judgment and see how it changes in intensity.

If during or after completing this course, you continue to feel intense feelings of anger, blame, and fear, it is recommended that you seek in-person professional help from a counselor to address these very normal but very difficult emotions to wrestle with.

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