Tinnitus and The Science Behind Change

We have learned from neuroscience that the mind is changeable or “plastic,” meaning the actual structure of the brain can change with experience. A mindfulness practice is a way of influencing this change and positively creating new wiring in the brain circuitry.

For the person experiencing bothersome tinnitus, this is certainly good news. According to the American Journal of Medicine, about 16 million people were bothered enough by chronic tinnitus in the past year to report tinnitus to their doctors. Some 1 to 2 million people live with tinnitus that is severe enough to interfere with their abilities to function in daily life.

Using mindful awareness, we can shine a light on the mind’s inaccurate, habitual reaction to tinnitus signals and see it for what it really is: a sensation that does not need to be monitored by the mind, poses no credible threat to survival, and, therefore, can safely fade from our conscious awareness. 

Compelling studies support the argument that mindfulness can lead to more adaptive changes in a patient’s response to old and new stimuli.



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