How To Pronounce the Word “Tinnitus”

There seems to be some confusion as to the accurate pronunciation of the word “tinnitus.” Some people pronounce it “ti-nahy-tuhs,” while others choose to say “ti-nə-təs.” In fact, both pronunciations are equally accurate and it just comes down to personal preference.

EarI tend to prefer to say “ti-nə-təs,” as this pronunciation and its roots seem to be a more accurate description of this symptom. The word “tin” in Latin means “to ring” and “itus” means inflammation. But the mechanism behind the phantom sounds often resulting in a high pitched ringing, does not appear to be related to any sort of inflammation.

Therefore, I personally choose to pronounce the word “ti-nə-təs” to more accurately reflect what we believe the etiology to be. But really the choice is yours.

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